Leather Dog Collars

Designer Leather Dog Collars

Although wearing miniature versions of people clothing is a cause of debate among dog lovers, they all agree that dogs have to wear collars.

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This is for the dog's safety, especially in urban areas. It is the law in most cities and Western countries that all dogs have to wear some identification out in public. The cheapest way to do this is by wearing collars.

Some prefer leather collars, but don’t like the cruel way in which they are made. For them, man-made designer leather dog collars are the humane and practical option.

By Any Other Name

There are many names in the pet and people fashion world for man-made leather. This can be a little confusing when looking for a man-made designer leather dog collar. Other names include "faux leather", "permeable leather", "artificial leather", "American leather cloth" or "pleather". 

You can get faux leather in any style that genuine leather comes in, from rolled leather to wide leather dog collars.

These man-made designer best dog collars continue reading and leashes are made not from animal hide and cured in animal fat, but pressed botanical sources such as hemp or calico. They are boiled in linseed oil or even tree bark. The result is a material as tough and attractive as leather, but without the cruelty and without the tell-tale smell of leather.


Some people do not like man-made designer leather dog collars, as they take a much longer time to break in than traditional leather. It does tend to be stiff for a while longer than genuine leather. Some people also just do not like the thought of anything fake or synthesized. They won’t be happy until they get the real deal.

Another disadvantage can be that fake leather is so close to real leather that you can get scolded by vegetarians or PETA members for putting real leather on your dog. Fake leather can even come in incredibly realistic textures and animal prints, so that it can definitely look as if your dog is actually wearing zebra skin.


One advantage of using man-made designer gps dog collars is that they don’t need the extensive cleaning that genuine leather needs. If your man-made designer leather dog collar gets filthy, then all it needs is a scrub with hot, soapy water. For minor messes, usually a baby wipe will do. Faux leather tends to be more water resistant than genuine leather.